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This website is made for my personal needs, just to collect every knowledge that I am curious to know and learn. I use slogan "Share Everything" to inform that I really-really love to share all my knowledge, experiences, and great story that I know to everybody.

This website also help me to give a brief explanation about my educational contents that I would embeded on my educational startup, el-Science. This startup will be focus on the modern educational system with modern content for all students in this millennial era and has it official website on www.eldadido.com.

The frist reason why I made this website is to accomodate my curiosity on how to create and maintain a web. I am using one of the popular CMS, that is Joomla, to manage all the information I would like to share. And in my own opinion, this CMS is very simple for a beginner like me. That is why, I feel very happy when I got a challenge to write about how to make a web with Joomla for my commercial Student Workbook.

On this website, I use an alias name Phi-D as the writer because when it pronounce, it would sounds like my nickname. The other reason I use this name because it is connected with Mathematics. Even though I am not brilliant on this lesson, I love this lessons very much. Luckily, Phi-D can be used to find a very marvelous shape, it is a circle. If we describe that name, it would find the area of a circle, which is Phi (3,14) x D (diameter). Some people say that a circle is a shape without sharp angle or corner. So, I presume that this shape would not hurt anybody. I hope, this site will have the same character too. Hopefully, the contents of this site would not hurt anybody also. =P

The other special character of a circle is, this shape have an innumerable angle. With this thought, I presume that we can learn innumerable knowledge on this world. We can learn almost anything from the internet or from the environment. We can learn it from animals, plants, ourselves or friends. And I really, really like to share this marvelous knowledge to everybody.

I would like to say many thanks to Joomla for making a very easy steps to make a web. I also want to give thanks to ajoomlatemplates.com for the very blue Joomla 2.5 template that I upgrade on July 26th, 2013. I love BLUE very much. As well as, I want to extend my grateful to Singcat as my first web hosting and for the Customer Support (Mr. Mike) to make my personal web available for the first time on the web, on September 23rd, 2010. I want  to give my gratitude also to Mr. Gyus who inspired me with my domain name. And thanks to all my families and my friends to support me also. I really appreciate that very much.

Any comments or questions to ask? Contact me please on my official mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

OK, I hope all of you could feel free with my web... =D